Friday, November 30, 2012


This is one of those days I think about pursuing my passion. And I am so glad that I am doing what I am doing and everything. But somehow, there is something missing. 

Must everything be backed by divine reasoning? 

 Why must I always be one the go? Can't I stop for a while and pause. But that gives me some sort of insecurity like I shouldn't be stopping I should keep going and going and going. When I stop I feel a little less of worth. Like I just gotta keep building this. Building and building and building. Trying and trying and trying and never stop moving.

Why am I writing emails? Do I mean what I type? Why are there always random projects? Why am I accepting freelance jobs so often when there is an end semester test the next week? Why have I gotta be on the go? Why?

And it is hard to explain it but I know it's not right.

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