Thursday, January 10, 2013

All in All, The Mixed-Tapes Remains Precious

It's interesting packing up and throwing past treasures. Reading through cards and notes, it tells your beliefs 8 years back. Why did I bother keeping piles and piles of sermon notes when I only looked through them when I had to prepare teachings? Was I really interested to learn, or to play the role right and seemed learned?

People come and people go. And I must say that sadly, most have gone. But the people who actually stayed generally didn't have to write cards. They were present even when we no longer pursued similar academic routes. 

So here I am doing my annual musing from tossing items. Every year, some are tossed while others stayed. The ones that stayed are those that actually meant something to me - like my mixed CDs. They are the window to my character 10 years back and display the thoughts to that crocked-tooth 11 year old me.

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