Friday, January 11, 2013

Belated Retrospect

It's a Friday and school starts in 3 days. I am feeling a little indifferent. But for one, this is who I am. And for another, the woes of streaming has left me a little unsettled. 

I was supposed to go watch Wreck it Ralph alone but while watching Modern Family, I realized I was too lazy to leave home. So I decided to cook and went to the wet market to got some ingredients, came back and decided I was too hungry to wait another hour of preparation and whats not so I went downstairs to get food instead. I decided to cook for dinner. After lunch, I continued on Modern Family, and decided to do a print design for my year in 2012. It lasted till now and I have not made any dinner. So minestrone soup + aglio olio is for tomorrow's lunch, I hope.

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