Saturday, February 23, 2013

Me VS Them

I was thinking a few days back while browsing through if I had grown as a designer. And I think I did. But... I still can't decide what is my style. It's not refined enough.

I actually think I want to venture more into fine arts. I know I am bad at drawing but I do like fine arts. It has this quality of self expression more than designing. And designing is often a lot more corporate because it is used in advertising and branding and there is this presence of a client, no?

I think it has came to a point where I need to draw (digital or not) to show something that I am passionate about. Half Full started out from a desire to experiment when I was serving the nation. I wanted to be inspired even in the army. And it served me well. But now, I have to explore more.

Experiment, experiment, experiment...

I hate aging.

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